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Daily News - Tuesday, 15 July 2014

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon visits today
President Danilo Medina receives today Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon. Ki-Moon is arriving from Haiti where he discussed with the Haitian government ways to alleviate the cholera epidemic that has killed more than 8,500 persons in Haiti since October 2010 and affected another 700,000. The epidemic is said to have gotten its start due to contamination caused by an infected Nepal Minustah stabilization force member.

On his Dominican agenda is a speech at a joint session in Congress and meeting with other Dominican senior authorities. In the evening he will meet with President Medina at the Presidential Palace and participate in a dinner offered in his honor.

Tomorrow at 11am, Ki Moon will visit the Department of Special Programs of the Presidency (Digepep) to review the poverty-reduction programs carried out by that department under the umbrella of "Quisqueya sin Miseria".

Ban Ki-moon is traveling with his wife, Yoo Soon-teak who has a separate agenda organized by First Lady Candida Montilla.



President Medina congratulates new press council
President Danilo Medina has congratulated the new executive council for Daily Dominican Society Newspapers (SDD) that is now headed by newly appointed president, Persio Maldonado of El Nuevo Diario.

Via a letter sent to Maldonado, President Medina also congratulated Emmanuel Castillo (La Informacion), vice president elect and Miguel Franjul (Listin Diario), secretary general as well as treasurer Adriano Miguel Tejada (Diario Libre and spokesman Osvaldo Santana (Multimedios del Caribe).

He wished them all the best and hoped that the SDD would continue to support the strengthening of the freedom and development of the national press.

Read more in Spanish: http://presidencia.gob.do/comunicados/presidente-medina-felicita-nueva-directiva-sociedad-dominicana-de-diarios

President meets with Chinese sculptor
The Presidency reports that Professor Yuan Xikun, founder and curator of the Jin Tai Art Museum in the Peoples' Republic of China, met with President Danilo Medina. The professor spoke of his admirationfor Juan Pablo Duarte and how he wanted to open a museum in the country. The Ji Tai Art Museum is described as "China's largest folk art museum."

Xikun, who is one of the most reputable sculptor and painters in China, presented the President with a calligraphy.

He was accompanied by the commercial representative for the Dominican Republic in China, Rosa Ng Baez; the representative for China in the DR, Carlos Xu, Chen Hongdi and the deputy minister of Foreign Relations, Nelly Perez Duverge.

Xikun donated a sculpture he had made of Juan Pablo Duarte to the Banco de Reservas as a sign of his good will and the friendship between China and the Dominican Republic.

Read more:




President Medina receives award
President Danilo Medina received the award for Tourist Personality of the Year 2013 in recognition to his efforts to strengthen tourism in the country and his leadership.

The award was presented by Osvaldo Soriano, president of the Dominican Association of Tourist Press (Adompretur) at the Presidential Palace yesterday, 14 July 2014. Adompretur has 300 tourism and travel writer members that voted for the President during their annual meeting.

Osvaldo Soriano highlighted efforts of President Medina to promote tourism development including new investments, the increased budget for the Ministry of Tourism and the construction of important roads to foster the development of tourist areas.

In addition to Soriano, also present at the ceremony was the organization's vice president, Luis Jose Chavez; the secretary general Karina Lopez; the director of institutional affairs, Patricia Reynoso; the director of the award panel, Manuel Quiroz; the past president Manuel Quiterio Cedeno and Alexis Moises, the meeting coordinator.

Read more in Spanish: http://presidencia.gob.do/comunicados/el-presidente-danilo-medina-personaje-tur%C3%ADstico-del-a%C3%B1o-de-la-adompretur

Trade expert alerts competition distortions in the Caribbean
Hugo Ramirez Risk, former trade negotiations director for the Dominican Republic, urged the government to act now to implement competition law to fight against anti-competitive actions taken by large firms in detriment to consumers and the efficiency of local markets. He expressed concern that firms that otherwise would be competing for their share of the Dominican market instead may resort to actions to prevent, restrict or distort competition itself.

Ramirez says that the European Partnership Agreement (EPA) signed with the European Union already rules that participating Cariforum countries may establish all institutional arrangements and administrative procedures to enforce competition laws through national competition authorities.

He alerted: "The Dominican Republic has not yet complied with this international commitment despite the existing market disorder created by many large, old and publicly known anti-competitive conducts."

Ramirez, says that while EPA does not address the issue of regulating mergers in the region already most Cariforum countries are developing a policy on merger control regulation and called for the DR to also act.

Ramirez explains that the EPA contemplates Competition Policy to promote and maintain competition and enhance economic efficiency in production, trade and commerce while at the same time promoting and protecting consumer welfare. But, he said it is responsibility of each country to create competition law to prohibit anti-competitive agreements between two or more competitors that would limit competition amongst themselves for higher profits.

The Dominican government has yet to approve competition regulations and appointments for approval leaving the markets vulnerable to old and wellknown anti-competition actions by dominant market players. He explained that in cases where a company may have 40% market share for a particular product, the latter can set the prices for the goods and services.

Other examples of anti-competitive conducts are: fixing of purchase or selling prices, directly or indirectly, restricting competition by arranging not to compete against each other in markets, or to restrict supply of sources, limiting or controlling production, markets or investments, conspiring to affect tenders submitted in response to a request for a bid, treating parties engaged in similar commercial transactions unequally, tying to a sale or contract additional obligations that are not connected to the substantive transaction, refusing to give competitors access to infrastructure or networks where such access is essential to the provision of a service.

He urges the Dominican government competition authority be granted the ability to penalize firms engaged in anti-competitive practices. He explained that these authorities be mandated to monitor, investigate, detect, make determinations and take any appropriate action to inhibit and penalize enterprises whose business conduct prejudices trade or prevents, restricts or distorts free competition.

Competition law is created to foster a truly competitive market, where consumers can benefit from price competition, there is greater product development, improved product specifications and better quality of service between competitors. Competition law is concerned with agreements or practices that actually or potentially distort competition within a market in a way that is ultimately detrimental to the consumer.

4G being rolled out in the country
America Movil, the leading wireless services provider in Latin America, with business in 16 countries of the American continent has selected Alcatel-Lucent to rollout a 4G LTE network in the Dominican Republic, enabling faster deployment of ultra-broadband mobile access services.

According to a statement by Alcatel-Lucent, the new 4G LTE overlay network will eventually cover most of the Dominican Republic's territory and serve up to 80% of its population with the first stage of the deployment already covering the major cities in the country. The solution includes Alcatel-Lucent's LTE Radio Access Network, 9471 Wireless Mobility Manager and the 5620 Service Aware Manager (SAM).

Omar Acosta, Marketing Director of Claro in the Dominican Republic said that they were now ready to improve the service they offered their customers.


More new jobs
According to the Ministry of Labor a total of 62,406 new jobs have been created in the country during the period January to June this year.

Labor Minister Maritza Hernandez highlighted the importance of this achievement that she said is in line with President Medina's goal of creating 400,000 new posts during his term in office.

Hernandez said that 44.49% of the new jobs were in Greater Santo Domingo, 23.82% in the central Cibao area and 12.16% in Yuma.


Blips in Immigration system
According to Listin Diario, the electronic passenger checking system for immigration at the International Las Americas Airport stopped working so that all passengers had to be checked manually. This caused long delays entering and leaving the area from Sunday, 13 July 2014 afternoon through Monday, 14 July.

However, in a press release the Migration Department said that the system had not broken down. He explained they were incorporating an advanced database system, which would contain passenger lists for each arrival and departure. This required the system to have to be rebooted twice, each time meaning it was non operational for twenty minutes.When the system was down, all migration checks had to be carried out manually.

Read more in Spanish:



Haitian government agrees to lower cost of Haitian documentation
Francois Guillaume II, the Minister of Haitians Living Abroad (MHAVE) announced last week to Haitians living abroad, and especially those in the Dominican Republic that following its assessment mission on 24, 25 and 26 June in neighboring republic, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe agreed to lower the price of the single envelope (Extract from the Archives, CIN and Passport) for Haitians living illegally in the Dominican Republic to RD$1,000 pesos instead of RD$2,400 pesos originally fixed. The decision comes within the new effort of the Haitian government to provide identification for its nationals.

Guillaume II announced that instructions have been given in this regard by the Prime Minister after the third bi-national dialogue between Haiti and the Dominican Republic that took place in Juan Dolio, on Thursday, 10 July 2014.

One of the main obstacles to the National Foreigner Legalization Plan is the lack of documentation of Haitian nationals.

The Dominican Republic is offering free service to legalize the Haitians. In the Dominican Republic the first birth certificate and ID (cedula) are free. In Haiti for years most born in Haiti have been undocumented creating major problems when these migrate.


5,000 jobs for linguists
The government and the Call Center Cluster have announced that they will hold an Job Fair for call centers to fill more than 5,000 jobs in the country.

The vacancies are for young people who can speak English, French and Portuguese and will take place on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th of this month from 8:30am to 5pm, at the Dominican Export and Investment Center (CEI-RD), located on 27 February Avenue at the corner with Luperon Avenue.

Those who would like to apply and who speak the languages should go to the location with their CV to be evaluated and interviewed by the various call centers.

The Fair is being supported by the ministries of Higher Education Science and Technology; Industry and Commerce; Youth; the Labor and the National Free Zones Council.

The announcement was made at the Presidential Palace by the director of the CEI-RD, Jean Alain Rodriguez and Erick Perez, president of the Call Center Cluster.

Read more in Spanish:



Over ten thousand High Net Worth Individuals in the country
According to a recent report there were 10,519 High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) in the Dominican Republic in 2013. These HNWIs held US$43 billion in total wealth, with the average wealth per HNWI being US$4.1 million. In 2013, HNWI numbers in the country increased by 5.5%, following a 6.5% increase in 2012. Growth in HNWI wealth and numbers is expected to improve over the forecast period. The number of Dominican Republic HNWIs is forecast to grow by 27% to reach 14,278 by 2018, and HNWI wealth is expected to grow by 37% to reach US$66 billion by 2018. At the end of 2013, Dominican Republic HNWIs held 31.0% (US$13 billion) of their wealth outside their home country, which is higher than the global average of 20n30%.

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Thousands of dollars confiscated
The authorities have confiscated US$949,830, which is over RD$40 million from two people, one of whom had been deported from the United States, when they were carrying out a drug related transaction.

The money was found in an Audi A4 car, driven by Einer Joel Jimenez Toribio, who was deported from the United States having completed a five-year sentence for heroin trafficking.

According to Miguel Medina, spokesman for the National Drug Control Agency (DNCD), the dollars were found in different places inside the car. Also arrested was Leonardo Garcia Jose who was in possession of RD$350,000 and US$50.

Read more in Spanish: http://eldia.com.do/la-dncd-detiene-deportado-con-mas-de-rd40-millones/

Santiago running short of water
The Santiago Corporation of Aqueducts and Sewers (Coraasan) has called on its customers to reduce the amount of water they are using, due to the scarcity of water because of the drought and the increased demand because of the heat.

Coraasan says that the level of the Tavera-Bao dam is very low, meaning that it has cannot provide the amount of water the population is demanding.

The Yaque del Norte and Bao river levels are low, but they are still delivering around 118 million gallons of water a day to Santiago.

They called on the population to ration the amount of water they used, to try and find other methods of cooling down in the hot weather, not to water the streets to keep the dust down, nor fill swimming pools.

Read more in Spanish: http://www.listindiario.com/la-republica/2014/7/14/329728/CORAASAN-llama-a-racionar-el-agua-ante-crisis-por-sequia-y-calor

Tropical wave to bring needed rains
The National Weather Service (ONAMET) reports that a tropical wave and a trough crossing by will bring showers to most of the national territory. Onamet reports it will rain in Hato Mayor, El Seibo, Monte Plata, Espaillat, Santiago, La Vega, Monsenor Nouel, Duarte, San Cristobal (northern parts), Sanchez Ramirez, Hermanas Mirabal, Maria Trinidad Sanchez, Samana, San Juan de la Maguana, Dajabon, Valverde, Montecristi, Santiago Rodriguez and Elias Pina.

FATCA explanations by Guzman Ariza Law
Guzman Ariza Attorneys at Law and Cantor & Web3 of the United States are inviting to a presentation and cocktail for US citizens and fiscal residents living in the Dominican Republic.

The following topics will be addressed:

US only:

US Tax compliance work concerning FBARs (Foreign Banks and Financial Accounts) and voluntary disclosure filings.

What US citizens need to know about the FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and how it affects them as investors abroad (in the Dominican Republic).

My child is a US citizen - what do I do now? - US children of Dominican parents

Global Estate Planning - what do I do with my assets that are 0utside the Dominican Republic?

Both US and International:

How to better structure businesses and investments in the Dominican Republic from a tax and estate planning perspective.

How Dominican inheritance rules may affect the estates of expatriates who reside in the DR.

Advantages and disadvantages of obtaining residency in the Dominican Republic.

Opportunities and risks of offshore investment vehicles.

Overview of tax incentives in the Dominican Republic.

Steven Cantor, managing partner of Cantor & Webb and Fabio J. Guzman, managing partner of Guzman Ariza and Christoph Sieger, partner of Guzman Ariza will make presentations on Thursday, 31 July at 6pm at the Gran Salon AB, of the 6th floor of the Santo Domingo Hilton Hotel. Reservations are requested by calling 809 255-0980 or [email protected]

Colombian play at the 8th International Santo Domingo Theater Festival
The 8th International Santo Domingo Theater Festival opens at the National Theater with the presentation of the Colombian drama "El Vientre de la Ballena" (The Womb of the Whale) by Fabio Rubiano. It is acted by the Compania Teatro Petra of Bogota. Performances Thursday through Saturday, 17, 18, 19 July 2014. This is a play for adult audiences. 7:30pm. Tickets RD$100.


Brazilian drama at the National Theater
The 8th Santo Domingo International Theater Festival presents the Brazilian production by Magnifica Trupe Vanidades: "El Incansable Don Quijote," (The Never Tiring Don Quixote) at the Sala Ravelo of the National Theater on Thursday, 17 July 2014 and Friday 18 July 2014 at 7pm. Tickets: RD$100.

Teatro Alternativo presents Juana Locura de Amor
The 8th Santo Domingo International Theater Festival presents the drama "Juana Locura de Amor," a Dominican production by Teatro Alternativo at the Sala Ravelo of the National Theater on Saturday, 19 July and Sunday 20 July at 7pm 7pm. Tickets: RD$100.

Tibai Teatro: La Mancha Indeleble at Sala Ravelo
The 8th Santo Domingo International Theater Festival presents the Dominican-Argentinean production by Tibai Teatro: "La Mancha Indeleble" at the Sala Ravelo of the National Theater on Monday, 21 July 2014 at 7pm. Tickets: RD$100.

For more on upcoming events, see www.dr1.com/calendar

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