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Daily News - Thursday, 09 October 2014

Cancer treatment upgrade at Cedimat
President Danilo Medina attended the inauguration of the new Savia Care Advanced Radiotherapy Center at Cedimat in Santo Domingo's Plaza de la Salud yesterday, Wednesday 8 October 2014. US company Medical Developers LLC has made a US$10 million investment in equipment, infrastructure and training of staff at the new center.

Cedimat director Milagros Urena says that the center has the latest cancer treatment technology including Varian Trilogy 2014 equipment. She said that the x-ray treatment contributes to reducing the size of a tumor before surgery, and reduces the chances of a cancer recurrence. It also enables inoperable forms of cancer to be treated.

Speaking for the company, Medical Developers chief financial officer Frank English highlighted the high level of training the staff at the new center has received.

Medical Developers also has a majority share in the Centro de Radioterapia y Oncologia Integral (Radonic) and Centro de Radioterapia del Cibao medical facilities in the Dominican Republic.

The company also operates facilities in Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Gold (and silver and copper and...) in San Juan de la Maguana
On Wednesday 8 October 2014 the General Mining Directorate reported the discovery of a new gold site in the south western province of San Juan de la Maguana, on Loma Jengibre to the east of the village of Maguana Arriba in the municipality of Juan de Herrera. The mining office says that the discovery was made by a Canadian company, Precipitate Gold, within the area of their concession that was granted in 2013. The company announced positive results for its maiden drill program at the Ginger Ridge Zone within the Company's 100% owned Juan de Herrera project in the Tireo Gold Camp in the Dominican Republic.

Mining director general Alexander Medina told El Nuevo Diario that there were also deposits of silver, copper and zinc within the same area.



Foreign Minister announces new Dominican diplomacy
Last night, Wednesday 8 October 2014, the new Minister of Foreign Relations Andres Navarro announced that as part of the plan to re-launch the Dominican Republic's foreign policy and diplomacy, priority would be given to strengthening relations with Haiti and regional integration with the countries of Central America and the Caribbean. Speaking of the plans to change and reform set forth for the Ministry of Foreign Relations for the first time since President Danilo Medina appointed him as minister, Navarro told Listin Diario that he believes that contributing to the neighboring country's welfare is necessary in order to achieve the Dominican Republic's welfare.

Education Ministry wants harmony with schoolteachers
Minister of Education Carlos Amarante Baret has asked the Dominican Teachers Association (ADP) for their cooperation to generate a harmonious climate. He asked the state sector teachers' union to pinpoint its unresolved demands.

In a letter addressed to ADP president Eduardo Hidalgo, the education minister said the discussions have fallen under the Teacher Improvement Commission that has been meeting. In addition to the salary increase, the Commission is discussing other priority issues, including health, housing, recreation, Social Security, and national and international scholarships.

He added that in response to local conflicts that have arisen in several of the ADP's regional sections, he has instructed deputy minister Luis Matos to proceed and meet with representatives from San Juan, Barahona, Cotui, San Francisco de Macoris, La Vega, Santiago and Higuey.

Fadul and Rosario accused before ICHR
Organizations that campaign in defense of the rights of Haitians in the Dominican Republic have submitted a formal complaint to the International Court of Human Rights against the Minister of Interior and Police, Jose Ramon Fadul, and the head of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) Roberto Rosario Marquez for alleged failure to comply with Law 169-14. According to El Caribe, Rosario said that they have not been officially notified but they are aware that there will be a hearing before the ICHR at the end of this month, October 2014. The JCE head said that next week he would take the documents that show that they have complied with Law 169-14 and Constitutional Court ruling 168-13 to the Ministry of Foreign Relations. Rosario stated that Law 169-14 regarding naturalization establishes a special regime for people registered in the Civil Registry in an irregular manner and for those who were born on Dominican soil but who are not registered in this Civil Registry. He added that so far the Ministry of Interior and Police has not sent him a single case of the more than 800 foreigners who have accepted the normalization process because they were not registered in the Civil Registries.

Dr. Cesar Herrera appointed head of Cardiology at Cedimat
Dr. Cesar Herrera, a practicing cardiologist in Chicago, Illinois has been chosen to head the new Cedimat Heart Center at Plaza de la Salud's Cedimat in Santo Domingo.

Prior to the appointment Herrera was affiliated with several hospitals in the Chicago area, including Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center and Rush University Medical Center.

Herrera received his medical degree from Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra in Santiago and has been in practice for 33 years.

At Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center he was one of 26 doctors, and one of 31 at Rush University Medical Center that specializes in Cardiovascular Disease.

Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center is a 330-bed general medical and surgical teaching hospital, ranked No. 1 in adult specialty.

Dr. Herrera is specialized in non-invasive cardiology, eco cardiology and is a professor of cardiology and general medicine. He has also been assistant clinical professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

He will head the seven-level Cedimat Centro Cardiovascular that is under construction at Plaza de la Salud. The center is the most advanced heart center in the Caribbean covering an area of 28,000 square meters and serving more than 1,000 people. The 180-bed unit was created to expand the services offered by Cedimat. It will have areas for heart emergency, intensive care units for adults and children, and recovery and hospitalization areas.


Investigations begin at Robert Reid Cabral Hospital
In a series of sessions held yesterday, Wednesday 8 October 2014 and lasting more than six hours, representatives of the Attorney General's office, the National Police and the National Forensic Sciences Institute (Inacif) interviewed medical as well as support staff who worked at Santo Domingo's Robert Reid Cabral Children's Hospital over the weekend of 4-5 October 2014. The investigation is being carried out in order to establish the real cause of the deaths of 11 children, mostly babies and newborns, at the hospital. Court of Appeals general prosecutor Virgilio Peralta, assistant prosecutor Joselito Ceron Rivera, Inacif director Francisco Gerdo and Criminal Investigations Department (DiCrim) director General Cesar Sena Rojas were selected by their superiors, who President Danilo Medina had appointed to a commission in order to establish the facts in the case.

The investigators also interviewed Guillermo Perez, the president of the Lindegas Company, which supplies oxygen to the health center.

At the end of the sessions, after 2pm, they went to the National Health Insurance (Senasa) offices with the patients' medical records, in order to support the report that they delivered to Senasa director and commission member Altagracia Guzman Marcelino, who in her role as a pediatrician will audit the case-files and give her conclusions to the President.

Meanwhile, the parents of six-year-old Andry Gabriel Geraldino said that they hoped their son's death would serve to improve health care. Their son died due to a failure in post-operatory conditions.

Deputies' slush fund could help Robert Reid Cabral Hospital
Citizen Lisette Gil is promoting a proposal to use the RD$82 million that the Chamber of Deputies legislators will be distributing in pursuit of political advantages at Christmastime to be used to improve conditions at the Robert Reid Cabral children's hospital instead. The legislators already spent RD$14 million at Easter on "sweet beans" preparations in their communities and RD$179 million on Mother's Day gifts.

Writing in Diario Libre today, Thursday 9 October 2014, editor Ines Aizpun says that as the budget discussions are underway, this is the time to take away these "absolutely insulting" allocations.

"RD$100 million for the Robert Reid Cabral Children's Hospital or for the City Government's Park of Lights?" she asks mentioning the government's distorted priorities. "Charity is a great virtue. When it is done with other people's money it is a mockery," she comments.

"The same people who are suffering as a result of the Reid Cabral shortages are those who ask politicians for crumbs of charity with the money that should have been used... for the children's hospital," she writes.

"The money that is spent on electoral campaigns lasting two and three years, the money that is distributed in overvaluations, in cronyism sponsorships, in bribery, in superfluous projects, in extra payrolls... is the money that goes missing for the Robert Reid Cabral and that we will be asked to pay for in the next taxation raise," she adds.

Aizpun concludes: "The legislators will investigate the case of the 11 deaths at the Robert Reid Cabral over the weekend. It is their turn, but they should start by putting their own house in order."

Exporter accreditation required
Customs director Fernando Fernandez is reminding exporters they need to obtain their accreditation as Authorized Economic Operators (OEA). He said that the accreditation eases trade, reduces logistics costs and increases national and international recognition, benefiting competitiveness of companies.

He also announced that the trade facilitation to be provided by a One-Stop Trade Window (Ventanilla Unica de Comercio Exterior n VUCE) would start on 1 January 2015.


September inflation at 0.19%
The Central Bank reports that the Consumer Price Index variation in September was 0.19% compared to August 2014. The variation was affected by a 0.73% increase in prices of fresh poultry (2.24%), green plantains (2.14%), tomatoes (18.17%), green pigeon peas (guandules) (4.60%), bouillon cubes (1.66%), salami (0.90%), peppers (4.70%), and evaporated milk (1.78%). In the food group, avocados declined by 24%.

Transport price indicators declined by 0.58%, with the lower prices of regular gasoline (-1.77%), premium gasoline (-1.82%), propane for vehicles (-0.70%), and diesel (-1.84%)


DR to be represented by Cristo Rey and Codigo Paz
Films Department (DGCINE) director Yvette Marichal has announced that the film "Cristo Rey" will represent the Dominican Republic in the Best Foreign Language Film contest at the Oscar Awards. "Codigo Paz" was chosen for the Goya Awards in Spain.

Cristo Rey is the second film by Leticia Tonos, produced by Serbio Gobbi with James Santil and Akari Endo in the starring roles.

Codigo Paz is the first film by Pedro Urritia, produced by One Alliance with performances by David Mahler, Paula Ferry, Hector Anibal, Nashla Bogaert, Jose Guillermo Cortes and Isaac Savinon.

DR extradites four Dominicans to US
The authorities sent four Dominicans to the United States yesterday, Wednesday, 8 October 2014. They are accused of trying to pass themselves off as members of the US Drug Enforcement Administration, and charged with international drug trafficking, fraud, homicide, extortion and other serious crimes in the United States. They were requested for extradition by the New York City District Attorney. Six federal agents accompanied the four men on Delta flight 494 from Las Americas International Airport. The Supreme Court of Justice approved the four men's extradition.

Ebola rumor on US Airways flight to Punta Cana was a fake
Punta Cana International Airport operations director Walter Zemialkowski has told the press that a rumor that a passenger who arrived from Philadelphia yesterday, Wednesday 8 October 2014 was affected by the lethal Ebola virus was false. Zemialkowski explained that it was the passenger himself who in mid flight announced that he had been in Africa and was affected by the disease, causing the aircraft to be isolated and a medical team to rush to the aircraft in protective suits on its arrival in Punta Cana.

"I have Ebola, you are all screwed," the bothersome passenger reportedly told his more than 200 fellow passengers. Zemialkowski says that security personnel detained the passenger and took him to the medical health area where he was submitted to a rigorous checkup.

"We delivered the passenger to the airline, which has its policy, but he will be returned to the United States, where he will be submitted to another rigorous check," he stated.

The passenger came from Philadelphia on US Airways. As reported, the other passengers were shocked when they heard the man's shouts. The Ministry of Public Health confirmed that the report that the country had received a person suspected of being infected with the Ebola virus was a false alarm.

"The information that states that a person suspected of being sick with Ebola arrived in our country through the Punta Cana Airport is absolutely false," said Public Health Ministry communications director Eduardo Rosario Bourdierd.

The Ministry spokesman said that at 2:30pm a high-ranking officer from the Specialized Airport Security Corps and an executive from the Punta Cana International Airport notified the Director General of Epidemiology that the captain of the US Airways aircraft reported the passenger from Philadelphia.

People smuggling in a SUV on border
The Army has reported the arrest of a Dominican who was trying to smuggle 20 Haitians into the country in a Toyota Highlander SUV. Jesus Antonio Rodriguez, who was traveling with a 16-year old boy, was arrested in Los Cayucos, Montecristi near the Copey checkpoint when driving the Haitians to Santiago yesterday, Wednesday 8 October 2014. Rodriguez was sent to the prosecutor office in Montecristi and the illegal immigrants were delivered to the Immigration authorities in Dajabon, as reported in El Dia. Rodriguez is accused of violating Law 137-03 on illicit people trafficking.

Major General Jose Eugenio Matos de la Cruz said the arrest came with the strengthening of intelligence and security efforts of the army.


DR plays China in volleyball
The Dominican Republic is playing against China in the FIVB World Championship, the main tournament after the Olympic Games. The game started at 11:30am Dominican time today, Thursday 9 October 2014.

This is the first time that the Dominican women's national volleyball team has played in the round of six in the 24-team tournament. China is unbeaten in their last 12 world championship matches against NORCECA sides, including three against the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic lost 3-2 in a previous clash with the Chinese team, earning the title of Queens of the Caribbean and "the surprise" team in the third round of the tournament. The DR is ranked 10th in the world, China 5th, and Brazil first.

The Dominican Republic women's volleyball team has played in the World Championship on six occasions, including the last four tournaments dating back to 1998. Their best previous result was 11th place in 1998, but the team has struggled since then with subsequent rankings of 13th in 2002 and 17th in both the 2006 and 2010 tournaments. The DR nevertheless finished fifth at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The DR's next game final round robin is on Friday, 10 October 2014 it will play against Brazil at 11:30am (Dominican time). The top two teams of the round will play in the final match.

Follow the game at:



Rum Festival at La Sirena/Pola
La Sirena/Pola is promoting their seasonal Rum Festival with sales prices on rums through Tuesday 14 October 2014.

Pricing on super premium rums is:
Brugal 1888 Ron Gran Reserva RD$1,895
Brugal Siglo de Oro 700 ml RD$2,950
Barcelo Ron Imperial Premium 700 ml RD$4,495
Abuelo Ron Anejo 750 ml 12 years RD$1,225

Brugal Ron Extra Viejo:
350 ml RD$189, 700 ml RD$369, 1 Liter RD$489, 1.75L RD$84.
Brugal Ron XV Reserva 700 ml RD$429
Brugal Titanium 700 ml RD$495
Brugal Ron Blanco 350 ml RD$159, 700 ml RD$309, 1 L RD$389
Brugal Ron Anejo 350 ml RD$155, 700 ml RD$299

Ron Barcelo:
Barcelo Imperial 700 ml RD$729, 1750 ml RD$1,650
Barcelo Gran Anejo 350 ml RD$209, 700 ml RD$395, 1 L RD$495, 1.75L RD$859
Barcelo Gran Platinum 350 ml RD$209, 200 ml RD$395, 1L RD$495, 1.75 L RD$859
Barcelo Anejo 350 m RD$169, 705 ml RD$329, 1L RD$429, 1.75 L RD$719
Barcelo Blanco Anejado 350 RD$159, 700 ml RD$319, 1L RD$379
Barcelo Dorado Anejado 350 ml RD$145, 700 ml RD$289, 1L RD$360
Barcelo Cream 700 ml RD$495

Macorix Ron Agua de Coco 700 ml RD$219
Columbus Ron Anejo/Blanco 700 ml RD$229
Don Rhon Gran Reserva 700 ml RD$359
Siboney Ron Blanco 350ml RD$179, 700 ml RD$349
Siboney Dorado 350 ml RD$179, 700 ml RD$349
Siboney Ron Anejo 700 ml RD$379
Siboney Ron Reserva 350 ml RD$239, 700 ml RD$469

Ron Blanco Superior, Dorado, Viejo: 350 ml RD$115, 700 ml RD$225
Bermudez Ron Limon 700 ml RD$299
Bermudez Ron Don Armando 70 ml RD$379
Bermudez Ron Silver 151 700 ml RD$469
Ron Aniversario 700 ml RD$499

Other brands:
Abuelo Ron Anejo 750 ml 5 years RD$495, 7 years RD$795
Bacardi Ron Light Dry 750 ml RD$399
Bacardi Ron Limon, Coco, Naranja 750 ml RD$449
Punta Cana Ron Negro 700 ml RD$929
Unhiq XO Ron 750 ml RD$2,550
Cubaney Ron Gran Reserva 700 ml RD$1,550
Opthimus Ron Artesanal 700 ml RD$2,595

Imported rums (Guatemala):
Botran Ron Anejo Reserva 750 ml RD$1,395, Solera RD$1,695
Zacapa Ron 750 ml 15 years RD$1,895
Zacapa Ron 750 ml 23 years RD$2,595
Zacapa Ron XO 750 ml RD$6,295

Color Vibe 5K Santo Domingo Run
This Saturday, 11 October 2014, the running community will meet at the Santo Domingo Botanical Gardens for the Color Vibe 5K race. The race is marked by the color packets that each racer will receive, making it a rainbow of vibrant colors. It is a benefit for the Fundacion Amigos Contra el Cancer Infantil (FACCI), a children's cancer charity.

The race begins at 4:30pm and there will be no times taken with starts every five minutes. The event is expected to end by 8pm.

Registration is RD$800 per person for adults and RD$600 for children between the ages of 2 and 12. Registration is online at http://www.thecolorvibe.do or at La Sirena points.

Fernando Varela exhibiting opens
Uruguayan artist Fernando Varela is inviting the public to his new exhibition, "Forma y Vacio" at the Galeria ASR Contemporaneo at Abraham Lincoln 904, Piantini in Santo Domingo. This is the new expansion of the popular Galeria Arte San Ramon. Varela is a leading artist who has been working in the Dominican Republic for more than two decades.

For more on ongoing and upcoming events, see http://www.dr1.com/calendar

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