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Citizenship for the Children of Dominicans in the Dominican Republic

For the children born to Dominican parents, the process for obtaining citizenship can be simple if you have all your documents organized, and understand the details of the process. Because of constitutional amendments, the children of Dominican parents born outside of the country are, if they so choose, citizens of the Dominican Republic, and can apply for official citizenship once they turn 18, needing only to submit the necessary paperwork.

First, obtain an official copy of the birth certificate (no photocopies). Second, take the birth certificate to the closest Dominican embassy or consular office and have them legalize the birth certificate. There is usually a fee for processing the document, which is about US$40.

Take the legalized birth certificate to an official legal translator, who will translate the birth certificate into Spanish. This will cost about RD$500. (If the documents are not in Spanish, they will not be accepted.)

Next, you must go to La Oficina de La Procuraduria, and have the translated birth certificate legalized by that office. This ensures that the translated version is legal and was done by a licensed professional. This will cost RD$522.

After that you must take the original birth certificate to the Secretaria de Estado de Relaciones Exteriores de Legalizaciones (a.k.a. La Oficina de la Cancilleria) and have the birth certificate legalized. This is to verify that the birth certificate and its signatures are valid. This will cost RD$900.

Once you have all these documents to hand, take them to La Junta Central Electoral (JCE) to el Departamento de Juridica. Present the documents, along with a copy of the parent’s cedula, a copy of the parent’s valid birth certificate, and a “solicitud” (which you can get at the JCE) in a manila folder. Include a copy of all documents in your folder, and make copies for your personal records.

After fulfilling these requirements, you will asked which “oficialia” you would like to go to. This detail is fairly important because it is at this office that your birth certificate will be registered, where you will be registered if you decide to vote, and where to go in order to get the Dominican cedula, among other things. If you can, choose the one that is closest to your place of residence.

You will then be asked to return to the JCE in one to two weeks to retrieve the authorization for a birth certificate. Take the authorization form to the oficialia you chose earlier, and submit it, in order to get a Dominican birth certificate. Once this is done, you can then apply for your Dominican cedula, officially making you a Dominican citizen.

The cedula the process is much easier. Once you have your Dominican birth certificate, go to the “cedulacion” office.

You will give them your birth certificate. They will then take your photo and give you a temporary form that serves as identification. In about a month you will be asked to return to retrieve your Dominican cedula.

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