Confessed killers in Llenas Aybar case give interviews

The confessed killers of 12-year-old Jose Rafael Llenas Aybar were allowed to give interviews to the news media on Friday, 25 October. When questioned about the theories that there was a conspiracy involving Luis Palma, the husband of ex-Ambassador for Argentina, Teresa Meccia de Palma, Juan Manuel Moline Rodriguez said that he only agreed to help his friend (the other confessed killer, Mario Jose Redondo Llenas) with a kidnapping, and “did not accept much responsibility in the affair.” He confirmed that Mr. Redondo Llenas and Mr. and Mrs. Palma-Meccia’s son, Martin Luis, were close friends and that they had previously planned the kidnapping of a successful businessman’s daughter in order to demand a substantial ransom.

Mr. Redondo Llenas told the newspaper Hoy that he “made an error” in brutally killing the boy on 3 May of this year, but cut the interview short by claiming that he had to talk urgently to his lawyer. He did not discuss his relationship with Martin Palma Meccia nor his father, both of whom have been implicated in the crime which has been highly publicized.

The investigation has been carried out very slowly by Judge Alexis Henriquez Nuñez, and is still in the preliminary stage. It is still unclear whether the Argentine government would grant the extradition of Luis Palma and his son Martin to the D.R. if requested, since the family enjoyed diplomatic immunity at the time of the murder.