What's happening in Santo Domingo

December is to Dominicans what August is to Europeans… very little work gets done. Indeed there is little news these days because everyone is out shopping, partying or preparing for Christmas and New Year partying. News reports are that Duarte Avenue, Mella Avenue and Conde Peatonal are packed as is the city’s largest shopping mall Plaza Central, Americana Departamentos, Ferreteria Hach?, Plaza Lama or Juguet?n toy stores. You better go at 8 am if you want to find parking in the supermarkets that also are posting record sales. Of course, the city is one bottleneck, but again, ’tis the season to be jolly and you may even come across a Santa Claus directing traffic as occurred on the intersection of Lope de Vega and Roberto Pastoriza, yesterday. On the very positive side, the weather in Santo Domingo is very pleasant, with cool (27C) Christmas time breezes bringing a relief to the hot days of the tropics. Merchants say sales are up, and there is lots of holiday spirit in the air.