TGI Friday assasin suspect sought

The Police is on the trail of a Ram?n de Jes?s Victoria Molina, who has been identified as the assassin who killed Lourdes Mayerlin Crisp?n Rosario in TGI Friday restaurant on 12 December. The Police alerted that the suspect is heavily armed. Police spokesman showed a picture of Victoria on TV. The shot that killed the woman was fired from a black Lexus. The Police investigated all owners of Lexus vehicles and now suspects Cresp?n Rosario who is missing from his residence. All ports and airports were alerted to impede the departure of the suspect. 28-year old bank clerk Lourdes Mayeling Crisp?n Rosario was in the wrong place at the wrong time. At 2:30 am on Saturday, 12 December she was shot to death in a rare incident by a stray bullet fired by unknown bandits who reportedly had been denied access to the American Bar Fridays located at the intersection of Tiradentes and Gustavo Mej?a Ricart, in affluent mid town Santo Domingo Naco neighborhood. She had arrived to the restaurant/bar only half an hour ago with her husband, 32-year old Ram?n Robert S?nchez and a group of friends. It was the first time the two had visited TGI Friday’s, which opened this summer. Crisp?n died immediately when the bullet perforated her head. The assailants fired at bar hitting Crisp?n who was sitting in the outside terrace area. The couple had been married for five years. She leaves behind a two year old daughter. Hoy newspaper reported that the aggressors bitterly complained when they were denied admission by the watchman who told them the place was full.