Santo Domingo's new attraction

The tourist attraction of the city over the next weekend will be a drive along the 27 de Febrero Expressway and down under to take the M?ximo G?mez, Tiradentes, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill tunnels. Above, the government has built the Boulevard of the Bougainvilleas, a park where spectacular king size sculptures have been planted among bougainvilleas and palm trees, adjacent to the commercial and banking center of the city. Minister of Public Works has said, that despite Hurricane Georges and continuous rains, the government will keep its promise and the tunnels will open by 30 December at the latest, regardless of whether the inaugural of the park and the avenue itself needs to be left for January. A 20-meter tall structure is topped by a clock built with braided ironwork, and programmed to play the merengue Compadre Pedro Juan on the hour. The clock was described by the List?n Diario writer as "a tropical eulogy of the Eiffel Tower". The boulevard is 640 meters long by 16 meters wide. City residents wonder if it will work and where the people it will attract will park. The area is already notorious for its lack of parking. The expressway and boulevard is estimated to have cost RD$600 million. Minister Pe?a says that the investment will be quickly recovered in an estimated RD$250 million annual savings in gasoline, spare parts and vehicle strain that occurred in the bottlenecks commuters suffered at the intersections of Tiradentes, M?ximo G?mez, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill where tunnels were built.