Killing suspect says he's innocent

Ram?n de Jes?s Victoria Molina, accused by the Police of the death of 28 year old Lourdes Mayerling Crisp?n Rosario by a stray bullet while at TGI American Bar in Naco early morning of 12 December, says he is innocent and is coordinating with his lawyer to turn himself in to the District Attorney. He said that the Police needs to carry out an in-depth investigation to come up with the true responsible for the killing. He said that the Police had falsely misjudged him prior to a trial because of his background as a revolutionary during his student days. He said today he is dedicated to farming activities and can prove this. He called El Siglo and Hoy newspapers to give his version of what had happened. He explained that he was unarmed, and that persons within the night spot fired the shots causing holes in the glass windows of the establishment. He said the antagonism occurred because of the selective admission policy of the establishment that caused the ill feelings. He said he was signaled out because he was the most vocal about the discrimination at the door and thus was remembered by the security person. He said his own vehicle, the black Lexus, received a bullet hole in the glass where the driver sits, which could have killed him if he had been in the vehicle. He said he was unarmed and does not use arms. He demanded that the four or five persons that fired from within be investigated. He said that unfortunately, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.