27 de Febrero Expressway tunnels opened

The government left the 27 de Febrero Expressway tunnels in service late afternoon yesterday. Minister of Public Works Diandino Pe?a said the formal opening was a historic event that could mark the initiation of the process of transforming the city of Santo Domingo. He said the modernization works will serve as a model for the implementation of other projects. He pointed out the outstanding efforts to complete the project in nine months with all the difficulties of three months of rain and Hurricane Georges. He said the entire project, including the boulevard, will be formally opened on 26 January. The project cost around RD$600 million and includes the construction of tunnels under M?ximo G?mez, Tiradentes, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill avenues as well as a boulevard planted with sculptures and a gigantic clock in the areas of the Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill tunnels. The Ministry of Public Works also announced that several streets traffic has been changed to one way traffic. These are:Dr. Defill? which will now run South to North.Carmen A. Mendoza Cornielle, North to South.Mustaf? Kemal Ataturk, East to West from Ortega y Gasset to Av. Tiradentes.Dr. F. Ma??n, South to North from La Lira to 27 de Febrero.Central, from Jose Aybar and 27 de Febrero.Manuel Henriquez, now North-South from 27 de Febrero and Cub Scouts. Juan XXIII now South-North from 27 de Febrero to Cub Scouts.