Telephone rates adjusted

Codetel has good news and bad news for Dominicans this New Year’s Day. The bad news is that Codetel, the leading telephone service provider in the DR, announced a 100% increase in home telephone rates. These go up from RD$50 a month to RD$100 as of 1 January 1999. The good news is that the company is reducing its long distance call charges, and will provide free Secretel answering service and several other optional services. The charge for minutes has been increased from 10 to 14 cents the minute. This charge will increase a cent per minute per month throughout 1999, increasing to 26 cents per additional minute by December 1999. Long distance rates to the US are dropping 44, 27 and 21%. Long distance calls to the US will now cost a low RD$4.95 and calls from telecommunication centers will cost RD$1.99 the minute. Calls to Spain were reduced 30%, and additional reductions between 30-20% are in order for other countries. Codetel has also reduced the cost of transferring telephone lines from RD$4,000 to RD$1,950 and the installation costs from RD$4,500 to RD$2,850. Internet service for unlimited use has been dropped from RD$400 to RD$275 a month.