Christmas tragedy

Edwin Gomez, columnist of a column in the Listeen supplement of the Listín Diario newspaper, celebrated Christmas in La Vega with his family. The Gómez family is from La Vega. On Sunday, he was making it back to Santo Domingo along the Duarte Highway with his sister Ingrid and two cousins, running into a very congestioned highway. At Kilometer 28, it was backed-up, the result of a traffic accident. Then all of a sudden their car was hit from behind by a car that had been hit by a truck. The intensity of the collision was such that their car turned over and fell down a cliff. The four emerged uninjured and held hands to thank God for escaping. 24-year old Edwin Gómez then decided to go back up and help the traffic agent who was trying to untangle the bottleneck, only to be killed when he was charged by a bus.