Colombians plant drugs in Haiti near DR border

The Listín Diario reports today that hundreds of Colombians have installed themselves in impoverished frontier towns in Haiti where they are planting marihuana to be shipped to the DR. The newspaper says that the money for the drug transactions that is pouring into Haiti is apparent in the more comfortable dwellings that are going up in impoverished areas along the frontier that contrast with the huts of indigent Haitians. This situation has placed a red alert among Dominican military that seek to impede that drug traffickers take a hold of the frontier. The DR frontier with Haiti is 378 kilometers from Pedernales to Monte Cristi. More than 300 military have been stationed in 68 booths in strategic points considered the most vulnerable for the trafficking of weapons and drugs into Dominican territory. News reports say that some 15,000 marihuana trees were confiscated in the first days of the frontier operation unfolded by the newly created Destacamentos Operacionales de Inteligencia Fronteriza. These are located in Elias Piña, Dajabón, Pedernales, Independencia, Comendador and Bahoruco. The marihuana bushes were planted among potato, onion, vegetable and legume plantations. General Brigade Gustavo A. Jorge García commands the 24 hour activities. He operates in coordination with the national drug control department, the department of migration, the Dominican military and the Ministry of Foreign Relations.