Earthquake shakes DR

A 4.2 on the Richter Scale earthquake shook southern and eastern regions on Sunday, 26 December at 10 pm, according to the Instituto Sismológico Universitario. The earthquake had its epicenter at latitude 18.3 degrees north, longitude 68.3 west, near the Milwaukee Deep. It was felt in the eastern cities of La Romana, Higuey and El Seibo and Hato Mayor. For the second time in less than a week, residents in northcentral Santiago, Moca and La Vega also felt an earthquake. The intensity of this earthquake was not reported. It took place at 11:30 pm and caused residents in apartment buildings to come running down. The Instituto Sismológico Universitario says its equipment has registered 10 earthquakes so far this month under five-point intensity. Seismologist Juan Arias told El Siglo that the small quakes are good news as they relieve the tension, diminishing the possibility of the nation being affected by a big shake. The Institute has forecast that the DR is due for a major quake as historically one has occurred every 50 years. The Institute says that the areas that would be most affected by an earthquake are the northcentral regions (Cordillera Septentrional) and the southwest regions.