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Canadian hotelier found dead in Sosua

The body of 40-year old Anny Marie Marit, general manager and co-owner of the Hotel Nuevo Amanecer in Sosua, was found in the No. 10 room of the hotel where she resided. An employee of the hotel found the body. The corpse showed bruises, contusions and a neck wound. A guest of the hotel, fellow Canadian Pierre Danau, who resides in room No. 20, who spoke to her around 12 midnight, last saw Marit alive. At the time she was accompanied by a person she identified as Felix whom she told Danau she had just hired him as a night watchman. The so-called Felix has not been able to be located by the Police, and he is suspect as the murderer. The Homicide Department of the Police of Sosua arrested 12 persons for investigations, including several hotel employees. According to the police, the murder would have occurred at 12:30 am of yesterday. (5 January 2000)