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Fortaleza to become Military Museum

Deputy Minister of Culture, Gamal Michelén announced that Architect Teódulo Blanchard has been commissioned to convert the Fortaleza Ozama into a military museum. He said the Fortaleza will be off limits for large artistic shows. These had been held there in the past, but in his opinion the loud noise these generated was damaging to the 16th century structures. "We are interested in bringing life to the Colonial City, we feel the monuments are for people to use, but we have to keep in mind the nature of these old edifices when authorizing artistic presentations," he said. He explained that many of the shows that were held there were more appropriate held at stadiums. He said that the Ministry of the Armed Forces will be financing the installation of the Museum of Arms at the Fortaleza. A hall in the Fortaleza will be prepared to present an audiovisual show on the history of Santo Domingo to be displayed every day. (4 December 2000)