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Parallel road to reduce Las Americas traffic accidents

The Ministry of Public Works is building a 16-kilometer side avenue from Juan Carlos Bridge to the tollbooth of Las Americas Highway. The highway leads to Las Americas International Airport and East Coast travel destinations. This new construction would convert Las Americas Expressway into a true expressway. The new road will have two lanes for traffic East-West and two lanes for traffic West-East. It is scheduled to be used by those commuting to the neighborhoods or businesses along the North side of the highway. Today accidents are frequent along the highway, as vehicles turn left to commute to the north side. Hernani Salazar, of the Public Works Engineers Supervisory Office, said that the works include the construction of sidewalks, parking areas and an overpass, leading to the Quinto Centenario Horse Race Track and adjacent neighborhoods. The Ministry of Public Works assigned the new avenue to Arquinsa 21 engineering. (11 December 2000)