Beauchamps Murder Investigation Picks Up Tempo

The sleepy little city of Nagua, on the DR’s northeast coast, has been transformed into a beehive of activity as dozens of police officials, armed forces officials, and the National Department of investigations (the DR’s FBI). Their vehicles can be seen everywhere, together with those of scores of reporters from the print and broadcast media. The swarming activity has been occasioned by Tuesday, 26 December murder of retired army general, Juan Rene Bauchamps Javier, a former cabinet officer, who was felled by a single fatal shot as he returned home at 11:00 p.m. in the company of a friend. His companion, identified as 37 year old Bienvenida Guzman Almonte, claimed that following the murder she was sexually assaulted by the killer. While she remains in police custody, she submitted to a forensic medical examination that discovered "recent lacerations in the vaginal membrane and abrasions on both legs." The initial description that was given by the crime’s surviving victim ­ of "a black man with curly hair about six feet tall," has evolved into that of "an individual with brown skin, dark eyes, curly hair, about 5′ 6" in stature." That description provided enough justification to take some 30 persons into custody for questioning. Today’s newspapers underscored robbery as the most probable motive, giving less emphasis to the "revenge" theory. It has been reported that the Beauchamps house was being ransacked at the time the couple returned and that "precious jewelry" was taken.