Dominican Gas Prices in Guinness Book of Records?

The front page of today’s Hoy carries a photo of a gas station’s gasoline price list and asks if we are moving "Toward the Guinness Book of Records." Under the caption, the text points out that during the past three weeks the price of a barrel of oil has fallen from US$36 to US$21, and yesterday the Ministry of Commerce announced a reduction of RD$0.10 (about six tenths of one U.S. cent) in the price of a gallon of premium gasoline, a reduction of RD$0.22 (about U.S. 1.4 cents) for regular gasoline, and a reduction of RD$0.16 (about U.S. 1 cent) for gasoil. A new law, approved last month, provides that the price of local petroleum-derived products would fluctuate according to the price of oil in world markets.