Human Rights Committee Criticizes National Police

The President of the Dominican Human Rights Committee (CDDH) has fiercely criticized the National Police (PN) for what he termed its "delinquency," and called on President Hipolito Mejia to step in and put an end to "murders at the hands of the PN." Virgilio Almanzar said that "The PN is a group of delinquents, a paramilitary band dedicated to the murder of young people." He added, "there is proof of this in recent days with the murder of thirteen persons in supposed exchanges of gunfire, about which nothing has been said." Almanzar went on to provide details about a series of recent fatalities involving police officers. "The orders to kill people must be halted," he said, adding "We ought to be ashamed that the PN is combating delinquency with the same methods used by the delinquents." ` Almanzar told the press that next week, Marcelino de la Cruz, a member of the CDDH, will fly to Washington to present a report to the Inter-American Human Rights Commission on human rights violations in the DR.