PLD Senator Will Sue Ex-President Fernandez for Fraud

The Senator who represents Elias Piña Province announced that he would bring suit for fraud against former President Leonel Fernández, and two previous heads of the Dominican Port Authority. Senator Manuel Arcienagas, a member of Fernandez’ own PLD Party, charged that during the Fernández Administration, foreign vessels embarking and debarking from Dominican ports were made to pay their fees in US dollars, but that no dollar payments were registered. "Leonel Fernandez is going to have to tell a court who took those dollars, since foreign ships paid their fees in dollars, but the Port Authority received no dollars." Arcienegas stated that he has in his possession a decree signed by Fernández which "institutionalized the fraud inside the Port Authority." Consequently, he claims that the Dominican State was cheated out of US$50 million.