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All Canada 3000 flights grounded

The charter airline Canada 3000 has grounded all of its flights due to financial problems stemming from the 11 September attacks. Canada’s second largest airline runs charter flights to the Caribbean including several Dominican Republic destinations. It’s not known yet if the shut down is permanent. Yesterday, the airline was granted bankruptcy protection and said it would continue to fly.
However, today a brief statement from the company says it "regrets to advise that it will cease flying operations effective Nov. 9, 2001. We are therefore unable to transport passengers to their destinations, and recommend that they seek an alternative means of travel." A spokesperson for Signature Vacations, which sells package tours to the DR, told Canadian Press that it has a contingency plan to place travellers on other airlines. One travel agent advises the public to wait until more details are released before changing their travel plans.
Read the full story here: http://www.globeandmail.ca (9 November 2001)