Queen Beatrix vacations in Samana

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and the Dutch royal family spent their New Year?s holidays in the Dominican Republic. The Dutch royal family spent the New Year in Portillo, Samana on the Northeastern Coast. In Samana, they stayed at the villa of the Vicini family, who holds the representation of the Dutch multinational Shell Company in the Dominican Republic. 
The Queen is currently in mourning, after the passing of her husband, Prince Claus von Amsberg, in October 2002 at the age of 76. Von Amsberg, who died from Parkinson?s Disease and pneumonia, had formed an interesting part of Dominican history. Before becoming Prince of the Netherlands upon his marriage, von Amsberg studied law and political science at the University of Hamburg and then joined the German Foreign Service. As such, he worked at the German Embassy in Santo Domingo from 1958 to 1961 as first-class secretary. During his time in Santo Domingo he met several opponents of the Trujillo dictatorship (Movimiento 14 de Junio), who would subsequently be jailed in January 1960. On their behalf, he traveled weekly to Puerto Rico, carrying important documents in order to inform the foreign press of the atrocities of the Trujillo regime. Among these was the renowned Pastoral Letter, in which the Catholic Church also denounced the Trujillo regime. 
The royal couple had three sons: Willem-Alexander, Johan Friso, and Constantijn.