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European travel report

Most European countries are showing significant increases in travel to the
Dominican Republic for the first ten months of the year. Overall, 22.4% more
Europeans have visited this year. According to the Central Bank January to
October 2003 statistical report, traffic is up for all reported countries, with
the exception of Sweden.
Travel from Europe is boosted by the strong Euro. European travelers are getting
upwards of 45 Euros to the peso, an appreciation of about 25% over the exchange
rate for the start of the year. Europeans that have cashed in Europe to US
dollars, are reaping even higher returns on their currency.
The biggest increases in European traffic have come from France. There were
193,465 arrivals from France during the first 10 months in 2002, and this is up
to 260,443 arrivals for 2003, or 66,978 more, for a 35% increase.
Germany is the second largest European source market for the Dominican Republic,
but the number of Germans remained relatively the same. German traffic increased
only 1.5% from 197,861 for the period in 2002 to 200,754 for 2003.
Spain was third with 110,430 arrivals for the first ten months of 2002 to a
robust 170,807 arrivals from January-October 2003, or 60,377 more arrivals, a
55% increase. The United Kingdom is the fourth largest source market from
Europe, with 141,799 travelers this year, compared to 122,778 last year, or
19,021 more for a 16% increase. From Italy, 20,196 travelers came, bringing the
total of Italians so far this year to 111,193 for a 22% increase.