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Tourism continues upward

The Central Bank reports that tourism is maintaining its upward climb for the year and breaking records in the process. According to the report, 2003 will close with an unprecedented number of visitors. The first 11 months of the year saw a 20.6% increased amount of vacationers over the same period from last year. Through November, there have been 2,496,717 arrivals, thus setting a new record. Punta Cana continues to have the highest rate of occupancy at 84.1%, and the overall rate is pegged at 72.7% — some 10% above last year. European tourism has risen by 21.8%, reflecting the strong euro currency, and 38.1% of all tourists arrived on charter flights. Of the total, 46.6% of the visitors were from the United States or Canada, 46.3% from Europe and 6.8% from South and Central America and other regions of the Caribbean.
Information for December reveals that most hotels are experiencing record occupancies.