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Moscow’s Hard Rock Cafe chooses Brugal

The Russians are switching from vodka to rum, it appears. Osvaldo Brugal Leon told Hoy newspaper that Brugal has been chosen as the house rum by the Hard Rock Cafe in Moscow. The rum is available at the popular establishment’s seven bars. “That this important franchise should choose Brugal is a testament to the quality of the rum,” said Tim Cummins, the spokesman for Brugal. The Hard Rock Cafe Moscow is open 24 hours a day at its 2,100-square meter location (four floors and three bars), plus dining for over 350 guests.
Cummins told DR1 Travel News that Brugal rum is offered exclusively at the Hard Rock Cafe in Moscow. “Brugal’s distinct flavor is a perfect match with soft drinks such as Pepsi and goes great with tonic water. The Hard Rock, along with other establishments, tries to set itself apart from our competition by serving Brugal,” he explained.