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Year-end bash

New Year’s Eve tradition in the DR is to have dinner with the family. New Year’s Eve is also the time when the cities, beach sites and towns explode with merrymaking provided by fireworks, recently authorized by the government.
While families will join friends for dinner at a hotel or club, the real reveling will begin after the dinner. At the stroke of midnight, finances permitting this year, people take to the discos or the streets to await the dawn of the first day of the new year. The Malecon of Santo Domingo welcomes city residents and visitors to take part in the evening year-end celebrations, on Wednesday, 31 December. Tono Rosario, Los Hermanos Rosario, Fernando Villalona, Pochy Familia, CJ Buba and bachata players Elvis Martinez and Yoskar Sarante will take the stage as part of the grand show sponsored by Brugal rum for the Caribbean Sea-bordering avenue area from the Obelisco Macho to the Hotel Jaragua starting at 10:45pm. Interviews with the popular merengue, reggaeton and bachata group leaders, and their performances leading up to the midnight fireworks display will be televised on Telecentro, Channel 13.