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Year of long weekends

The year 2004 will bring a record number of long weekends for all to enjoy. Long weekends are peak times for domestic travel. The New Year begins with the first holiday of the year, which falls on Thursday, 1 January. Thousands of Dominicans will have already been on holiday since 30 December to be with family and friends. Since 1 January lands on a Thursday, the holiday will run through Friday, Saturday and Sunday. To improve matters even further for those needing a break, 6 January, which commemorates Epiphany Day and also falls on a holiday, could mean that many will decide to take off Monday, 5 January as well.
January brings with it a second long weekend to look forward to, with Duarte Day, commemorating the nation’s founding father, also on a Monday. Thus, many will be taking off from Friday, 23 January through Monday, 26 January (actual Duarte Day).
February follows suit with Independence Day on 27 February working into a long weekend as it falls on a Friday.
Next come the Easter holidays, starting for many on the afternoon of Wednesday, 7 April and continuing on until that Sunday.
Some employers may consider giving their secretaries the day off, producing yet another long weekend, as this year’s Secretary Day will be celebrated on Monday, 26 April.
As usual, summer brings the religious holiday of Corpus Christi commemorated in 2004 on 10 June on a Thursday, making for another potential long weekend.
Many Dominicans may not hang around for the inauguration of the President for 2004-2008 term, as this year the 16 August will be on a Monday.
Mercedes Day, on 24 September, marks the end of summer with another string of extra days off as it, too, falls on a Friday.
To end the year the way it began, 31 December 2004 falls on a Friday, which means that many will convert this into the last long weekend of the year.
For a schedule of next year’s holidays, see http://dr1.com/travel/prepare/holidays.shtml