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DR-Haiti Ecotourism fair

President Boniface Alexandre and Tourism Minister Danielle Saint-Lot of Haiti were present for the opening of the First Binational Ecotourism Fair in the Haitian border town Fonds Parisien. Speaking at the opening, President Alexandre highlighted the common interests of both countries.

The fair opened 20 November and will continue through 5 December.

Niky Fabiancic, representative of the United Nations in the DR, also participated in the opening of the fair.

Attending to represent the Dominican government was Environment Minister Max Puig. For Puig, the fair is a concrete step towards the strengthening of ties and development of the peoples of Haiti and the Dr. He said the fair seeks to bolster the awareness of the importance of nature conservancy of the island and to serve as a platform for the designing of joint conservation plans.

The fair can be visited during the day from the Dominican Republic by driving 14 kilometers west of the Jimani border point. Activities are taking place in the environs of the Lake Azuei in Haiti, a twin to Enriquillo Lake in the DR.

Jose Serulle Ramia, president of the Fundacion Ciencia y Arte, is the organizer of the event. He has been organizing ecotourism fairs in the lesser-known ecotouristic areas of the Dominican Republic for over 10 years now. This is the first time he organizes a similar event in Haiti.

Serulle describes his fairs as ?an ode to nature in the name of human development.? ?The fair seeks to turn the entire island into an ecotourism destination and we have to cooperate so that Haiti begins to move away from its backward stage and poverty,? he told Hoy newspaper.