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Skateboarding in Cabarete

Skateboarding has been added to the sports of kiteboarding, windsurfing, sailing and surfing as those that attract active tourists to Cabarete, Puerto Plata. Boarders from Santo Domingo were on hand for the exhibition that marked the weekend inauguration of the vet skateramp, which was described in the DR1 Forums as ?the first underground ramp built in the world.? The official launch of the skateboard facility in Cabarete is slated for 5 March, when a tournament will be held at Extreme Hotel. As reported in the Listin Diario, the ramp was designed by Austrian Hans Peters Hutter. It was built by two Germans who reside in Cabarete, Helmut Ludwig and Bernard Tietz. National skateboarding champion Ivan Marona, who himself is building a world-class skating facility on the outskirts of Santo Domingo (see http://www. www.maronaskate.com), commented that the Puerto Plata ramp would be a major plus and expressed his appreciation for the investment on the North Coast.

?I believe that this ramp is going to contribute to the increase of tourism in the Dominican Republic. Sports tourism, and extreme sports in particular, are gaining attention in the North Coast, especially in Cabarete,? said Bill Lee, the owner of the Extreme Hotel.