Pop concerts and fiestas bomb

Several pop concerts and major celebrations that were counting on a massive public demand for good music had to be cancelled for lack of ticket sales. Observers said that the economy and poor publicity were the causes for canceling the concert in the Color Vision amphitheater that was to include Aventura, Milly Quezada, Pavel Nunez and Jeffry. Shortly before, another concert that included Aventura, Claudio Piantini and Jeffry also had to be cancelled. Perhaps one of the greatest disappointments was the show that was given at the Hotel Jaragua featuring Elvis Crespo, Aventura and Jeffry. It did go on, but before a very small audience and to only polite applause. And to think that it costs between US$10,000 and US$13,000 to put Aventura on a stage. Even though the last few days looked spectacular from the number of fiestas and shows that were announced, the reality has been very different. Last-minute cancellations and economic losses are painting another picture, entirely. According to promoter Cholo Brenes, the producer and mentor of many groups, Dominicans did not realize just how serious the economic situation really was. “The reality of the situation came home in December. While it is true that the people got their 13th salary, it is also true that they owed most of that money and Christmas was almost totally kept in the family.” Brens said that 95% of the activities that were planned for December failed.