Hipolito: I am ready to face the lies

Feisty as ever, former President Hipolito Mejia told reporters that he was ready to face the “lies” that have been prepared to smear both him and his administration. Mejia said that by the conclusion of these Christmas holidays, he would have important statements to make regarding drug trafficking in the Dominican Republic. The former head of state also said he would reveal significant information that would “assist in clearing things up.” In his usual confrontational tone, the former chief executive said he would not permit any insults made about him nor any type of “irresponsible accusations.” During his call-in to the well-known radio show “El Gobierno de la Tarde,” the politician said he was tying up loose ends so that he could talk frankly once the holidays were over. He seemed particularly upset by a photograph that was published shortly after Quirino Paulino Castillos was arrested as part of the 1,387 kilos cocaine bust. This photo showed Mejia’s brother-in-law, Sergio Grullon, swearing Paulino Castillo in as the director of the re-election campaign in the province of Elias Pina. Coincidentally, this was one of the very few provinces in which the then-incumbent President won a majority.