100,000 tons of organic exports

The Dominican Republic exports to Europe, the US and Asia over 100,000 tons in bananas, cacao and mango organic produce, for US$70 million, organic agriculture expert Ulrich Findel told Hoy newspaper. The country is also a major producer of organic coffee, coconut, lime, avocado, ginger, and other products. Findel highlighted that organic produce adds value to farm products and helps reduce poverty in a sustainable manner. He said that the country needs to consolidate its position as a leading exporter of organic produce by striving for top quality, fulfilling its contracts, and increases the range of products marketed abroad. He recommended that the government create a legal framework for organic agriculture, develop an independent certifying system and achieve the accreditation of the country as a third party before the European Union. He spoke at the workshop, “A day with Europe dedicated to environment and alternative energy” organized by the Federation of European Chambers of Commerce in the Dominican Republic.