Absolving judges in drug case

The chief justice of the Supreme Court, Jorge Subero Isa told reporters blamed personnel connected to the Justice Department for interfering with the successful completion of the case relating to the 1,387 kilograms of cocaine seized in December. Any errors committed, were not the fault of judges that refused to allow phone taps that would have revealed the destination of the drugs in Santiago, according to Subero Isa. The chief justice refused to even discuss any sanctions regarding the judges in question. According to Hoy newspaper, the procedures against former army officer Quirino Paulino Castillo and others were made more difficult when two judges refused to allow wiretaps of the mobile phones used by the accused. Subero Isa said that the reports he received indicated that the judges acted correctly. Vice Admiral Ivan Pena Castillo, the head of the National Drug Control Department (DNCD), has told reporters that the judges placed obstacles in the way of their investigation.

The press has been very critical as of late regarding the lack of action taken by the judiciary in relation to drug trafficking cases. In an interview with Hoy, Subero Isa asked Dominicans for trust in them. “I would like citizenry to grant us a vote of confidence and that we be evaluated for our performance over the next six months as of 7 January so that they perceive a great improvement in the administration, in the implementation of justice in the DR,” he said.