Another suspect arrested in drug case

Although the name has not been given to the press, the District Attorney for the National District, Jose Manuel Hernandez, told reporters that another arrest has been made in the case of the 1.387 kilos of cocaine that were seized by the Police and local drug units. However, the bulk of the report in today’s press centers around Police lieutenant colonel Lidio Nin Terrero comment that he “knew nothing about any drugs,” as he was just hitching a ride. The colonel and the driver said they knew nothing about the RD$900 million cargo in the back of the truck.

Strangely, it took Police general Juan Ramon de la Cruz Martinez over 20 minutes to “coordinate” the transfer of Nin Terrero to the prison at Najayo. As head of the Department of Prisons, General de la Cruz Martinez was Nin Terrero’s former boss. Nin Terrero was in charge of the Azua jail.