Flood control could cost US$190 million

The construction of dams on the Upper Yuna and Guaigui rivers would solve the flooding problems along the lower reaches of the river. They would cost US$180 million and the secondary constructions needed to finish the job would cost another US$10 million. INDRHI director Frank Rodriguez told Listin Diario reporter Jairon Severino that work was needed on the Hatillo dam as well and that the Yuna river needed to be diverted into the Rincon reservoir because the dam at Hatillo could not hold any more water. The two dams on the upper reaches of the Yuna and the Guaigui rivers would hold 110 million cubic meters of water. These dams would also produce hydro-electric energy and supply water for agricultural purposes. While some resident of Bonao and Cotui have objected to the new dams, the major question is whether there are any major fault lines in the area. The dam at Guaigui would control the Camu river that flows into the Yuna at the town of Pimentel.