Cameraman recovers from freak incident

Cameraman Miguel Antonio Fernandez (Kadafi) is recovering after being shot at by a watchman on service at the Dominican Fiesta Hotel. He was filming the hotel on assignment by the Association of Hardware Stores that was holding an event at the hotel. Bolivar Alcantara Amancio shortly after fired at his supervisor, Domingo Augusto de Aza, mortally injuring him. News reports have indicated that the watchman had not been relieved from service for over 40 hours. As reported in Hoy newspaper, Kadafi urged the authorities to better supervise the private security companies. Alcantara worked for Compania Empresarial de Seguridad (Coemse).

Diario Libre reported that the watchman had killed his own mother in 2001 in the rural community of Guayabal de Padre Las Casas. The residents of the neighborhood where he lived for several months said that the security company should have checked out his background. He had been in the army jail for a year and was released when they determined he suffered from dementia.

El Caribe reports that on 11 May 2004, the Superintendence of Private Security and Surveillance of the government issued a certificate that showed that Alcantara was apt for the job as she showed no psychopathology.

The Association of Security Companies (Adesinc), the largest in the country, said that Coemse is not a member of their association. Pedro Benoit, spokesman for the organization, said that watchmen that work for their affiliates work up to 12 hours a day and make wages of RD$5,400 to RD$9,000, are required to have an eighth grade education and must turn in references, in addition to meeting legal requirements for the job.