Gossip, gossip

Cesar Medina in his column in the Listin Diario today points out that there are many people that have the impression that the true partners of Quirino, people that he says in the past government did very well, now are trying to put everyone in the same bag to be able to get out of this mess in the best manner possible. He comments the case of a deputy secretary of the Army recently appointed under Fernandez, who he describes as one of the most correct officers in the Armed Forces and is now being mentioned linked to Quirino. He comments that rather a son of Quirino worked in that same office, but was removed shortly before the cocaine affair exploded with the confiscated drugs. “It is obvious, then that some people want to damage the officer,” he comments, asking at the same time if this could not be people loyal to Quirino. “The question makes sense when taking into account the efforts of the PPH people to demonstrate that El Don was also a friend of military and some civilians that are close to Leonel. As if all Dominicans were as stupid.”

Orlando Gil, the well respected political analyst of the Listin, comments that if the case of Quirino Paulino Castillo is politicized, then it will be very difficult to judge him and the case against him will have been weakened. He comments that every day there is more the impression that the truck confiscation was a matter of luck, and not the result of a true persecution against the business of drug smuggling. “If this were a raid, then the big would fall, but also the smaller traffickers if there were the true conviction that the present wave of criminality gripping the country has its roots in the increase in the sale and consumption of drugs.”

He comments that in other countries when there is a big drug bust such as this one, a series of other successful drug arrests follow. He mentions that each questioning, should lead to more arrests, which has not happened in the case of Quirino. “If the mountain finally gives birth to a rat, when there had been so much noise that an avalanche had been expected, then it will take the country years to overcome that failure,” he writes.