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Travel to DR up

Travel to the DR this year through October 2005 is up 7.40%, with 176,752 additional travelers compared to the equivalent period in 2004, according to Central Bank statistics analysis provided by Radhames Martinez Aponte, of the Juan Dolio Tourism Association. Martinez says that the DR benefited from the additional flow of tourists who rerouted their vacations to the DR after their first choice was cancelled due to hurricanes. Punta Cana continues to lead in tourist arrivals nationwide with 47.48% of the total foreign arrivals, or 1,217,219 tourists, followed by Santo Domingo arrivals with 525,660 (20.50%) and Puerto Plata with 494,820 (19.30%) of the total. Travelers from the United States comprise the largest market share, with 46.9% or 1,202,352 foreign tourist arrivals. Travel from the US was up slightly, by 8.19%, with 64,713 additional visitors. Travel from Canada declined so far this year, and was down 6.98% with 25,073 fewer visitors. European travelers made up 45.47% of the total, or 1,165,834 arrivals, up 8.92% or 94,465 more European visitors. Among the European markets, the Spanish outbound market was the most vigorous with 10.33% more Spanish travelers, or 220,191 visitors. French visitors made up the largest share of the European market with 254,802 visitors. Some 187,899 United Kingdom travelers visited, up 12.08% from the same period last year.

For more information on travel statistics, see http://www.bancentral.gov.do/publicaciones_economicas2.asp?…