Hertell: Haitian hecklers “hooligans”

United States ambassador to the Dominican Republic Hans Hertell described the people who stormed the National Palace in Port-au-Prince during President Leonel Fernandez’s visit there last week, as “hooligans.” Hertell said that he didn’t feel that this was a true expression of the feelings of the Haitian people because “this is a group of people that wants to create incidents and get attention everywhere they go… they are criminals.” President Fernandez, himself played down the importance of the incident, saying that the people that did this did not represent the feelings of the people. Fernandez spoke to the press on his arrival at San Isidro Airbase over the weekend. He said that he was bringing a message of solidarity with the Haitian people and that he knew that it was not the fault of the current government that the incidents had taken place. Listin Diario reports that Fernandez expressed hope that a democratic government in Haiti “is part of the Dominican national interest.”