Buildings refurbished at UASD

President Leonel Fernandez led a public function yesterday to mark the reopening of several buildings at the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo (UASD). According to Diario Libre, he spoke about the importance of the center for the discussion and production of knowledge and the social transcendence of state Universities for their role in helping students who cannot pay for their education at expensive centers. The refurbished buildings are the main auditorium (Aula Magna), the chancellery and vice chancellery buildings.

El Caribe writes that the government has invested more than RD$500 million in the buildings that were reopened yesterday. This increased the total government investment in the UASD to more than RD$1.25 billion. Still under construction are a new cafeteria, an administrative office building, a building for the School of Cinema, Art and Communications, and an underground parking lot.