2006 National Budget

The National Development Council approved the 2006 budget last night. It was set at RD$238.55 billion and will be submitted to Congress next week. The Council reported that RD$38.1 billion will go to “General Services”, RD$90.7 billion for “Social Services”, RD$46.0 billion for “Economic Services”, RD$1.21 billion for environmental protection and another RD$72.28 billion for payment of the public debt. Congress gets RD$3.68 billion, the Executive Branch gets RD$32.7 billion, and the Ministry of the Interior and the Police gets RD$17.9 billion. Of the money assigned to the Ministry of the Interior and the Police, over RD$11.0 billion will go to the different municipalities around the country. Education was assigned RD$19.0 billion, and the Ministry of Public Health will be assigned RD$23 billion.