Coal companies shortlist published

In what is sure to raise some eyebrows and telephone calls to lawyers, the CDEEE announced yesterday that it had selected four companies for the final bidding on the two 600 megawatt, coal-fired power plants that are aimed at ending the Dominican Republic’s energy crisis. Of the 24 companies that obtained the documentation for the tender, only five returned the forms for pre-qualification. Of these, the government selected the Sichuan Machinery Equipment Impo Co., Constructora MC C. por A.-Constructora Emaca, Energia 2000, S.A., H.N. Energy Solutions, S.A., Doosan Heavy Industries/Construction Co., and Emirates Power DR, S.A. These companies have to present their proposals and economic and financial reports by 11 January 2006. The two coal-fired generation plants are planned for construction in Azua and Manzanillo.