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New airfield for Monte Cristi

Monte Cristi hopes to attract more travelers with the recent completion of its new Osvaldo Virgil airfield. A fly-in has been scheduled for 16 December, with more than 20 planes from Puerto Rico and another 20 from the DR taking part. The Air Force is preparing parashooting, parapenting and helicopter flight displays. The airfield has a new runway, 1,230 meters long and 20 meters wide, with 4,000 meters of ramp area.

The Monte Cristi airport now becomes the country’s closest airport to Miami. Its promoters hope to position it as an alternate airport for small plane travelers flying from the Virgin Islands to Bahamas.

Monte Cristi is at the country’s northwestern point, a 270-kilometer drive from Santo Domingo. Its main attractions are the Morro, a camel-shaped summit sliced down with a lovely beach at its base, its coasts and mangroves, national parks and wildlife refuges, scientific reserves and historic monuments. A dozen small hotels and lodgings in Monte Cristi cater principally for adventure tourists.