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More tourists

Tourist arrivals are on the rise. Tourism Minister Felix Jimenez, quoting Central Bank tourism statistics, explains that between January and October 3,577,186 tourists visited the country and that between November and December the figure is sure to surpass four million. Jimenez explained that of that total, 536,277 were in fact non-resident Dominicans who came to the country to visit and that 25% of non-resident Dominicans stay in hotels when they visit.

In related news, El Caribe writes that tourism revenues exceeded US$3.75 billion in 2006, US$233 million more than in 2005 when revenues from tourism were US$3.51 billion. Tourism is the main base of the Dominican economy. The amount of non-resident tourists has also increased by 8.16% while the amount of Dominican tourists increased by 4.17%. The Tourism Ministry has received US$12 million from the US$10 tourist cards from November 2005 to November 2006.