Legislators approve metro money

The bill allocating more money to the Santo Domingo Metro has been passed. The bill, which was introduced on 21 December, looked to transfer RD$6.6 billion from this year’s budget. The transfers will reduce the Education budget by $854 million, Public Health by RD$706.9 million, the Presidency by RD$2.3 billion, Finance by RD$1.37 billion and Agriculture by RD$150 million. Of these funds, the Presidency will receive RD$3.73 billion to transfer RD$1.1 billion for the construction of the Santo Domingo metro, RD$1.89 billion to the Office for the Supervision of Public Works and RD$720 million for social protection. The bill also allocates RD$2.6 billion to the Ministry of Public Works, RD$85.6 million to the Ministry of Foreign Relations, RD$50 to the Ministry of Finance, and RD$46 million to Interior and Police, RD$12.6 million to Armed Forces, RD$15 million to Public Health and RD$17.1 million to Agriculture. The law also authorizes the transfer of RD$5.09 billion of the surplus of revenues produced with the implementation of the Petrocaribe agreement to be used in the subsidy of the electricity sector.

Hoy newspaper points out that the bill includes a modification that involves the transfer of RD$20 million to the Chamber of Deputies and RD$80 million to the Senate from government funds allotted to other departments.