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Sosua Jewish Heritage Exhibit in NY

An exhibition opening in New York City on 17 February 2008 will bring to light the stories of Jewish refugees who made Puerto Plata their home in the late 1930s after escaping from Nazi Germany. The settlers were mostly urban Austrian and German Jews; professionals or craftsmen who were given farmland near a gorgeous beach to build their homes in the Caribbean. Many took the Dominican government up on the offer as an intermediate step before moving on to the United States, but many also stayed in the Dominican Republic.

The Museum of Jewish Heritage located at 36 Battery Place, New York will be presenting the bilingual English and Spanish exhibition in association with the Sosua Jewish Museum in Sosua, Puerto Plata.

Their exhibition is titled: Sosua — A Refuge for Jews in the Dominican Republic. The exhibition will be on view for six months. There are also plans for it to travel to other venues in the US.

?We are often told about Jews being turned away from country after country, but this exhibition will tell the story of Jews who found a haven, half-a-world away,? Museum Director Dr. David G. Marwell said. ?Despite the indifference and intolerance many Jews faced in Europe from their neighbors, none of the Jewish settlers in Sosua interviewed for this exhibition experienced anti-Semitism in the Dominican Republic. On the contrary, their dealings with their Dominican counterparts were congenial and friendly. This is a positive story, and one that should be told.?