New homes for Bonao

President Leonel Fernandez made the ceremonial shoveling gesture, officially starting the construction of 330 new homes for families affected by Tropical Storms Olga and Noel in Bonao. Of the 330 homes, 202 will be built in Bonao while 80 will be built in Piedra Blanca and 50 in Maimon. Fernandez said that the government would also be covering the cost of renting homes while the new houses were being constructed. The President also visited La Vega and Santiago and promised that these towns affected by the storms would soon recover with government help. Fernandez handed the Marte-Quiroz family, which lost two children, a check for RD$400,000 to help cover the cost of the damage they suffered during the storm. Quoted in Hoy, Fernandez says that the province is in a phase of quick recovery after being hit by two strong storms. Fernandez added that most of the homes should be ready by March 2008.