IDAC to fund Christopher’s defense

The director of the Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC) Jose Tomas Perez announced that the IDAC will pay for the legal services of Carpio y Asociados, the legal counsel in the case of the death of the aero-navigation department director, Angel Christopher Martinez, shot to death on 12 July 2006 in his vehicle for suspected job-related reasons. “We understand that Christopher died when he was an important official from this institute and in some way for reasons that tie his death to his work at the institution… thus we understand that the least we can due is take on the costs of his defense,” said Perez. Speaking to Diario Libre, his son Eric Christopher explained the reasons for the delay in solving the murder: “We are confronting interests that were affected by work carried out by our father and that makes this investigation more vulnerable and difficult,” he said.