Small business is key to development

The presidents of the Association of Herrera Industries (AEIH) and the Federation of Industrial Associations (FAI) are encouraging the government to enforce policies that stimulate small business. As reported in Listin Diario, they are calling on the government to implement the recently passed Innovation and Industrial Competitiveness Law to create productive jobs. In a joint statement, both organizations urged the government to provide funds for the new government department created by the law, Proindustria to get to work. Jesus Moreno, president of AEIH and Ignacio Mendez of FAI proposed: “To implement the Proindustria Competitiveness Plan is the key, the creation of jobs. The government has a brilliant opportunity to stimulate an increase in jobs. There is no time to lose,” they stated. They said that the authorities should promote sustainable and competitive jobs, not those that are the result of giveaways. The best way to national development and growth is to create jobs and micro business, to plant the country with small business, they stated.