More than 1M motorcycles!

A study carried out by Fundacion Red de la Dignidad (Dignity Network Foundation) reveals that the motorcycle is the ideal vehicle to use for crime and that the Dominican Republic has more than a million of these machines.

Nonetheless, the study also reveals that the motorcycle is also good for use in commercial, political and work-related activities, as well as the means of raising a family.

The report points out the challenge facing the nation with the ballooning number of motorcycles all over the country.

“The motor taxi is used in political campaigns in several ways, from carrying party flags during marches and caravans in exchange for cash payments and fuel, and sometimes for promises of work in the future”, reported foundation president Mario Holguin, who released the study. Holguin pointed out that the “motoconchista” (motorbike taxi driver) is acquiring such importance in the country that “they are now organized in unions and confederations.”

The researcher said that of the total vehicles in the DR, the number of motorcycles has gone from 38.39% in 1999 to 44.42% in 2007. Two-wheeled vehicles continue to increase.

“The fact is that they constitute an important population segment in relation to the total voting public in the Dominican Republic, and motorcycle users could total as much as 25% of voters,” is indicated in the study.

The number of motorcycles in the DR rose from 375,023 in 1999 to 942,180 in 2007.

The study also reveals that there are more than one million two hundred thousand motorcycles on Dominican roads, “since it is known that there are a great many machines that were brought in or assembled illegally and are operated without licenses or registrations and whose drivers also lack the required licenses.”

Finally, Holguin argued for the introduction of driver safety classes for the operators of these motorcycles.